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AHS: NYC Episode 5

Opening the 5th episode (my second) of AHS. Patti's Character Kathy has hired me to cover her show... and she has a few notes.

AHS: NYC Episode 4

My character (Inappropriately Kathy) auditions to understudy Patti's character Kathy so that she can run a speparate business. 

Out There

from my solo show at 54 Below. As a home schooled kid, I always related to this over sung song. Feeling like I was on the outside of my life looking in.

She's a Woman

From my solo show at 54 below. I spent a lot of time thinking about why my instragram @inappropriatepatti resonates with people. And this song is my thesis.

Lonely House a Rehearsal

Reel Creative Media asked if they could film me learning some music. This perfectly imperfect collaboration is beautifully shot and I couldn't be more honored to have them capture it on film.

Anything Goes Sizzle Reel

Highlights of me as Billy Crocker in Anything Goes at Phoenix Theatre. Both from rehearsals and final dress. For full songs, see below. Edited By Meredith Ashley Daniels

Close Every Door

From Utah Festival Opera's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Let Me Be Your Star

My fever dream quarantine remake of the iconic song from Smash if it starred Patti LuPone and Bernadette


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